Press Office and Public Relations

Be yourself, Be unique!

Real communication: a clear, effective and transparent message

Our Press Office embodies the new definition of public relations as Strategic Communication. Be A–Head is an attentive and focused partner in strengthening the leadership of the organisations that are our clients.
We connect businesses with their direct and indirect stakeholders, we promote the development of genuine relationships in order to support the social identity and reputation of the organisation in its external relations.

BeA-HeadBe A–Head’s activities help create and promote the company’s specific identity and help keep mutual understanding alive between the organisation and its audience, with mutually beneficial relations.

Leading the change is our objective: to help you lead change through a better use of communication and of the most appropriate tool for the message, to get the interested parties actively involved in the life of the organisation.

Be A–Head listens and cooperates, by virtue of its privileged position as market observer, helping define corporate strategies to achieve certain goals.
It promotes, supports, consolidates and regenerates the organisation’s reputation, pursuing the task it has been given as coherently as possible, working in tandem with all the communication, management, production and commercial activities of the company: PR and Corporate Communication.