Executive Search

Executive SearchHiring new people in an organisation means bringing about change.

We therefore set up a specific and independent interpersonal relationship with every Client that we are committed to keeping thriving over time. We also try to identify the unexpressed needs and desires of our Clients, who often turn to us at critical times.

The majority of selected and pre-selected candidates are not generally at a stage where change is desired. Motivation is the essential element for us to give our utmost. We feel personally gratified and guarantee the best results for our company.

We here at A–Head find out what motivates these people, we identify their strengths, their potential crisis factors and their career goals. Understanding what it takes to keep it alive is one of the key factors to encourage the ideal candidate, who must possess the ability to strengthen the identity of the brand or of the organisation they will be joining through their behaviour and attitude that must be conveyed to clients, suppliers and future colleagues.

Recruitment projects therefore involve negotiation work, which the consultant must be able to manage with discretion and delicacy, ensuring – in terms of professional ethics – that the commitments to loyalty and confidentiality which bind senior executives to their current company and consultants to their Clients are safeguarded.

A-Head ha scelto il sistema H1 Sel di EBC Consulting per supportare il processo di ricerca e selezione del personale.
Il software, utilizzato in modalità Cloud, consente:
una gestione ottimale delle operazioni di recruiting, l’archiviazione dei CV dei candidati, l’impostazione dei pesi per un pre-screening delle candidature.
Per maggiori informazioni, visita il sito www.ebcconsulting.com.