A–Head tackles every recruitment and consultancy project with methods and procedures that differ depending on the peculiarities of each market and the Client’s demands, giving complete, accurate and effective results.

In Executive Search, activities are based mainly on the specific experience gained in industrial sectors and services and the ability to keep contacts thriving and up to date, as
well as on relations and all the opportunities for learning more about new activities and organisations.

One of the biggest difficulties to deal with today is the wealth of information available. A-Head‘s aim is to support the Client in interpreting and selecting what is particular and relevant to the individual projects to be worked on together. Relationships are cultivated with numerous companies and its database is constantly upgraded, paying particular attention to the quality of the information chosen and including notes on the various follow-ups.

The main sectors we deal with are:

  • Consumer goods & Retail
  • Luxury goods (fashion and hotellerie)
  • EPC (engineering, equipment industrial machines)
  • Healthcare and Medical devices
  • TLC
  • Financial services