Leading A-Head:

Our Values

Enthusiasm and positivity   The best way to tackle any change is to develop the ability to make people smile and to promote people’s wellbeing in an organisation, to construct a serene environment and to increase enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can become a precondition and a consequence of a cycle that involves people in an organisation being ready to tackle critical periods with a constructive attitude and while they are positively motivated. It means being naturally inclined to get involved and share the values of the mission to be accomplished with others.

Leadership   We believe it is important to be able to motivate, to share aims and to organise teams, but also in the ability to make quick decisions and bring what has been decided to a successful conclusion. Leaders must be positive and effective figures who lead by example. Leadership is not just a human quality/ability; we at A-Head believe that leadership is a concept that everyone can take on in certain situations and that many people could become leaders if adequately trained. And managers can become leaders if, besides getting across their skills and know-how, they also know how to get other people to do things and can convey their vision and ethical values to their colleagues.

Ethics and transparency   We look for solutions that are to the mutual advantage of clients and their stakeholders, both internal and external, by offering a qualified recruitment and consultancy service that is respectful and responsible, where independence, trust and integrity are the essential elements of the working relationship. The attention to CRS means sharing and respecting the Guidelines on Multinationals applicable to the framework in which we operate.

Commitment, quality and results   We are passionately and unfailingly dedicated to our work and guarantee effective teamwork and an exclusive approach. Our capacity to listen, interpret and look ahead means we will do all we can to achieve the best results.